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Mar 16, 2009, 8:47 AM
Jan 17, 2018, 9:33 AM
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Re: [pontoonman] how to add oars to a float tube?
For a solid foot bar, you will need to sew in d-rings at the 2 pontoon tips. Add two struts one to each side, w...
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Re: [Alan_Ang] how to add oars to a float tube?
The Caddis Inspire does not seem to have a foot bar or strap, probably means the oarrs are only meant for shallow...
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Re: [Alan_Ang] how to add oars to a float tube?

Alan_Ang wrote:
Is there a link somewhere for me to look at pics of how to install a foot rest? I have difficulty...

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Re: [Alan_Ang] how to add oars to a float tube?
Caddis Inspire has oars, maybe will give you idea of where to place oar and footbar location. PM
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Re: [chromefinder] Scadden Renegade Help
Wow, sorry to hear that North Fork is having all those issues. One way I use on bladder type tubes which strengthens the...
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Re: [Shawnturner] How Much Does Your Fully Loaded FT Weigh?
If the tube is more than half submerged and not level with all your weight and rider, that is probabl...
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Re: [RickinWaSt] Electric Motor Set Up
You might be able to right an extra long pivoting extension handle to the troll motor tiller. Lots of DIY videos on u tube...
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Re: [toongirl2] Can't stop spinning
TD has very good info above, especially about the high seating. Short pontoons that have rocker can be very twitchy to steer ...
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Re: [happybob91] How to avoid over inflating a tube

happybob91 wrote:
So I'm embarrassed to admit this but I just had to buy my second replacement air bladder fo...

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Re: [flygoddess] Sonar Made Easy.

flygoddess wrote:
FISH FINDER MOUNT.COM These guys got a hold of me and were actually interested in my needs. I have several in...

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