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Dec 1, 2006, 10:29 AM
Dec 8, 2019, 8:07 AM
Daniel Jensen
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Four species day at The Bay
Good job Curt. We went out Saturday and got a couple walleye and a bass. Worked mostly the SW openness. The water ...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Willard
He have left a bunch of tackle on those Christmas trees in the corner. Willard is killing us this year. I wonder if the shad will pul...
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Re: [Kodiak1] Owyhee
I fished Brownlee and CJ Strike but never got out on Owyhee. All three lakes have large reaches of shore not accessible to bank anglers an...
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Re: [catchinon] Deercreek and Rockport
It was really low and surrounded by snowbanks.
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Deercreek and Jordanelle
Hit Deercreek Saturday morning. It was slow for Bass and Walleye. We got 2 walleye on BB and a couple decent bass on plastics. There was...
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Re: [muirco] Willard Bay Boat
I looked at some weld crafts back when I was shopping. Good product. You looked good with 6 boards. did you get anything? I pull 6 ...
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Re: [dubob] ThunderJet Boats
Looks as good as ever! I had a few minutes to add more information about my Thunderjet, Reelfast. Its an Alexis classic 2003, 22Ft b...
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Re: [cje04] Willard Bay Boat
The warmest was 65. The inflow is 50. That colder murky inflow reaches a ways out. Bugs are bad at times. There is a very big hatch ...
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Willard Bay Boat
Yesterday it was slow fishing with only a wiper and some smallmouth on a Ned jig. Interesting watching other boats and fishermen’s methods. Besi...
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Re: [mike4cobra] Willard 5/5/2019
Congrats on the new boat. Saturday was tough fishing. Tried everything with only a bass and some powerful hook ups. Worm harnes...
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