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May 12, 2003, 11:58 PM
Apr 3, 2004, 1:14 PM
Reid Walker
Love Fishing!!!! The only thing I love better is if I have my little grandson fishing next to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forum Responses:

Re: [theangler] 1-Shot Catch Alot Fishing System Applications accepted until 6-30-03
I would like to try your lure out. I live in the Northwest Florida Panhandle...
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Re: [DrownedDesertRat] Pitching, etc....
I think by hand is called castnetting.Wink Think spearing would fit there too.Smile Or maybe lassoing. Then there are alw...
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Re: [DrownedDesertRat] Humminbird Smartcast Fishfinder System
Hey there, I sent you a private message regarding your RF10 unit. If you didn't get it then send me...
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Re: [DH_tubinjoe] I puked... wtf!!!
I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes it happens and there is just no way to know what caused it. I have fished in boats many ...
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Re: [Teroy] Sammy Sosa??
The problem is no one can PROVE he deliberately cheated or knowingly used the practice bat. Now we all know we have to pay for mistakes....
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Re: [DH_tubinjoe] I puked... wtf!!!
Weak constitution LOL
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Re: [davetclown] a noodle way of fishing
I think having a partner is the best way to go. Let him grab the fish while I watch him. That way if he comes out with a...
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Re: [theangler] Charlie Suspending Swimbait Applications (Closed)
Okay now that the contest is closed I want to know who won. That way we can bug that person til...
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Re: [davetclown] fish-0-hallic
I wear polarized fishing glasses all day. While driving I am spotting new places to fish. Old places I've been. Breaking my neck t...
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Re: [dhTubinChris] Sharks Are Bitin
Not only are blacktip fun to catch they are really good to eat too.
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