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Sep 21, 2007, 10:51 AM
Jul 26, 2017, 12:57 PM
Mike Omer
Fly Fishing
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Fly fishing is my true passion, but I never pass up a chance to sit on the boat, catch fish and drink beer
Forum Responses:

Re: [gofish435] Strawberry - More exercise than fish!
Still looks like a good day to be out, thanks for posting.
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Re: [new2bass] Fish Lake trip
good report, thanks.
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Re: [T-DOG91] Strawberry River suggestions
Not sure how the clarity is now but last week we stopped at the river after leaving Lake Canyon and it was very murky...
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Re: [kochanut] Powell
Looks like fun trip, nice job on the Striper.
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Re: [addicted2fishin] Strawberry marina lodge
I can't remember the price but I have stayed there in the past, it was fine.
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Re: [T-DOG91] Lake Canyon Lake?
Drift boat.
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Re: [T-DOG91] Lake Canyon Lake?
They are everywhere so sinking or floating should be fine.
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Re: [T-DOG91] Lake Canyon Lake?
I went last Sunday, fish everywhere, threw everything but the kitchen sink and ended up with a 6" trout. I guess I suck. Damsel F...
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Re: [FatBiker] Small Stream + Wild Fish / Good Times
Very nice!
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Re: [T-DOG91] Mirror lake area report
Looks like a great outting, thanks for posting.
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