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Date Submitted: Wed Jun 24 2009
Location: Lake Shenandoah
State: Virginia
Fish: Largemouth Bass

Description:Frustrated on a very slow day, I reached for something outrageous -- my Oklahoma red spinnerbait -- and caught this Sooner sucker on the first cast. This dude saw red and must really hate the three time Big 12 champs!

About Me:

Registered User
Mar 9, 2003, 8:51 PM
Dec 7, 2011, 10:31 PM
Rusty Weller
Waynesboro, VA
Strategic communicator
Freshwater Fishing
Lake Shenandoah in the Blueridge Mountains
28-inch bull Redfish while wade fishing
Forum Responses:

Re: [brownieguy] best trout plastic?
There's one that has never failed me here in the shadow of the Blueridge: The 5-inch double-tail hula grub, especially with ...
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Best type of tether...
I need to make sure I have a good tether so my paddle doesn't get away from this first-timer. Is a two-footer OK? Is coiled better? Anythi...
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Walking into K-mart last Saturday, there was a stack of blue Calypso 8-foot kayaks for $200 each. My dear wife said "Happy Father'...
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Re: [flygoddess] Father's Day kayak
No oars for the ODC 420, but then again it's not a REAL pontoon craft, just looks like one. No, I kick my strap-on fins for e...
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Father's Day kayak
Walked into K-mart Saturday and there was a stack of sit-on-top Calypso blue kayaks for $200 each. Wife said "Happy Father's Day!" and I could...
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Reinventing the wheel (or camera mount)
Well, it's coming up on two years for my ODC 420 and I still sing its praises (off key I'm sure) -- but I'm always thinki...
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Looking to go deep
I've decided to target Lake Shenandoah this year (when the ice finally melts in Virginia by July 4th). I'm pretty much a "bank beater" who wor...
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Re: [123ups] crazy winter tube project ?
You da man, 123ups!!! I've been dreaming of hitching a trolling motor to my 420, but afraid I'd slice off a foot. A cord...
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Re: [Aznavalanche] what's your favorite lure/bait?
My favorite is whatever works that day. It all works I suppose, and guys swear by whatever. But some "standbys...
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Re: [pghamatuer] bass beginner
For a long time I was afraid to cast close enough to stuff along banks to be effective. I only used crankbaits or even spinnerbait...
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