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Jun 19, 2009, 7:54 PM
Jan 7, 2020, 8:52 AM
St. George, UT
Freshwater Fishing
Sand Hollow
10.8 lb largemouth, 12.4 lb whiper, 32 lb striper, 7.7 lb walleye, 9.3 lb brown, 10 lb rainbow, 3.5 lb crappie, 7 lb cut, 180 lb sailfish, 550 lb black marlin

Big & Sexy
Forum Responses:

Re: [remo_5_0] Find your flat...
Wind sucks, take from me...I live in Hurricane, lol! Glad you at least got on some fish.
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Re: [Troll] Down South
I've been meaning to hit the Beaver, but still haven't. I need to next year...on my hit list.
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Re: [riverdog] Ogden canyon
I have had a ton of success in the past during the skinny-water winter months on the Ogden, swinging streamers...
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Re: [fishskibum] Wunnerful Willard 10-16-19

fishskibum wrote:
catchinon wrote:
...thanks to carpediem for being an awesome athlete photo slut great mechanic and...

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Re: [richyd4u] SH Report 10.19.19
KT's = Keitechs
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Re: [lovetofish] SH Report 10.19.19

lovetofish wrote:
Every time I see pic's of SH bass I kick myself for selling my winter home down there. Thanks for making me...

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Re: [riverdog] Gila Trout
That's cool...never heard of a gila trout. WTG
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SH Report 10.19.19
Snuck out to SH Sat morning around 0730. It was a brisk, but beautiful morning! Water temps hovering around 60, water gin clear, as usual. Wat...
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Re: [kjox21] Minersville Reports???
I rarely hear fall reports from Minersville...such an ice-off water. I would imagine with the cooling weather they are going ...
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Strawberry 10/11
Took some of my high school buddies up to Strawberry last Friday. They had never experienced the Fall Frenzy up there this time of year. I was a...
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