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May 2, 2008, 1:17 PM
Mar 16, 2019, 7:58 AM
Saltwater Fishing
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Re: [Freakyfisherman] Rockport Ice?
Thanks guys. That helps a lot. I usually go to the highway side so I'm guessing the bank should be fine.
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Rockport Ice?
Has anyone seen the ice conditions at Rockport in the past few days? The status at Sportsman's Warehouse says the ice is soft along the shoreline b...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Anyone ice fishing yet this year?
As of today Lost Dog has 7" of clear ice. Open water near the cliffs but ice seems to be forming south of th...
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Re: [RonPaulFan] FG/Lost Dog Ice?
I went fishing at Lost Dog today (Thursday). I fished in the middle of the Green River channel in about 70' of water. The ice i...
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Re: [Cessna150] FG/Lost Dog Ice?
Thanks! I have to say that you consistently come through for the rest of us when we need recon at FG. Your photos are really val...
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Re: [Freakyfisherman] Echo ice
Excellent! Thanks! I'm going to try to get there this week too.
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Re: [Bruitus] Echo ice
Was anyone catching Yellow Perch?
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Re: [knottyhookr] FG/Lost Dog Ice?
Thanks! Yes, it was very helpful. Hopefully this means there will be safe ice in a week or two.
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FG/Lost Dog Ice?
Does anyone know whether safe ice has reached Lost Dog or the Confluence yet?
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Re: [Crimson] Ice fishing Transducer question
I'm an electrical person too and I have the same concerns when it comes to wires and weights, but you have to consi...
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