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Jan 27, 2003, 11:08 AM
Apr 14, 2011, 12:29 PM
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Matt Christensen

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Re: [doggonefishin] Thank You for helping Defeat HB187
+1,000,000,000,000,000............. ........................! I don't post on this forum much anymore but ...
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Re: [dubob] Where is that product made?
Not sure if this is exactly an EAN # but at least seems to be related.http://www.truthorfiction.c om/rumors/b/
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Re: [sinergy] Another Weeb Post
The stick with the mint green larva is most likely a caddis fly larva. There is a pattern called a "peeking caddis" that I've tie...
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Re: [rgreenland] Korkers boot review... Beware of this product
I must have the same model as rgreenland; and I can't say enough GOOD about the pair I have. They...
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Re: [uncledon] Echo ramp
I drove by tonight after fishing the middle Web and things still looked OK to launch. There were 10-20 boats on the water skiing and suc...
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Re: [fsh4fun05] Non-success muzzleloader hunt
Between Cedar City and New Castle
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Re: [Mc_Lennon] Non-success muzzleloader hunt
Just a little incentive for every one. This is what by little brother shot Friday. Would have been better with 4th ...
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Re: [IceRod] pop-up camper
What ever you do, don't buy new! Those things depreciate faster than any car you will ever own. Watch the classifieds (esp.; ...
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Diamond Fork Poachers Caught
Just saw this article in the Tribune this morning. I know many here remember the incident and might like an update http://www.sltrib...
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Re: [HFT] Pictures of fly swap?
Go for it! That rock-chuck I tied has got to be the ugliest of the bunch, but the little sucker works like magic at times!
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