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Dec 28, 2012, 6:05 PM
Feb 4, 2015, 8:30 AM
Freshwater Fishing
provo river
23 inch 5 lb rainbow

a teenager thats addicted to fishing
Forum Responses:

Re: [BHuij] Is this a dumb idea?
definitely wouldn't hurt to try. my favorite spinner to use on the lower is the yellow Panther Martin with red spots.
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Re: [rvca] knots
Thanks for the input. Have you guys tried the "Davy knot"? I think I might try it. It's simple and small.
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What knot do you guys use to tie from tippet to fly? I've been using the clinch knot and works great it's just a pain to tie sometimes on those smaller fli...
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Re: [a_flyfishin_kid] Lower Provo
Well the regs are 2 under 15" I think. I hope they're not taking any bigger. I've just noticed as soon as that moss starts to g...
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Re: [a_flyfishin_kid] Lower Provo
One of my buddies has pulled a few out this summer. Since the weather has gotten colder I haven't seen a decent one come out ye...
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Re: [doggonefishin] Lower Provo
I appreciate your help! I'm waiting for the 20"+ bow one day. I know they're lurking in there somewhere.
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Re: [rvca] Lower Provo
I forgot to ask, what type of gloves do you guys use to keep your hands warm?
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Lower Provo
My dad and I fished below the dam this morning. It was a nice and toasty 14 when we got there. I landed 6 of 7 and he only got 1. Everything was cau...
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Re: [rvca] lower provo
thanks guys. I appreciate all the info. hopefully we ended up running into each other on the river one day.
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lower provo
my dad and I got out today and fished below deer creek. we ended up being able to land 4 and a couple got off before I could net them. this is my fir...
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