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Jul 30, 2002, 3:02 PM
Aug 23, 2002, 7:00 AM

woodworking, fishing, poker
Forum Responses:

Re: Squid
Thanks, Things are a little clearer now, and yes I may try this....

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Re: Squid
Hello, I guess I just don't get out enough, and I'm very reluctant to ask this Question. How are squid caught, and what size are we talking about? I 'v...
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Re: Important!!! Read First (Moderator)
Hey , Steve! Let me make a complete ass out myself, because I thought I knew something about most sport fish.... but I'm ...
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Re: Buzz Hammer
Interesting.... I just ordered some 3'' Hammers from the Rusty Hook and I think I'll give this a try, of coarse we don't have those mean ol small...
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Re: Bass Tracker
Howdy, About the Tracker.... From experience I would go with an all welded boat as wide as possible, for stability. And 17 ft is OK... but a 10 ...
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Re: need help!
Saltwater? Thats a great idea! I'll try it next week, here at home. I have a small lake right outside my backdoor. We mostly fish for Cats during ...
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Re: need help!
Howdy, rg I live near Richland/Chambers Lake just south of Corsicana and the wife and I 'catfish' alot right off the bank, mostly at night....this...
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Re: Water Snakes
Not asking anyone to believe this, So here it goes... This story circulated at work some years ago. A Bass fisherman hung a large bass and reach...
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catfish handling
gotta say this, gosh! Watch those barefooted kids around catfish... A lot of times when attempting to remove a catfish from the hook, especially...
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Just a little report.... Galveston, west bay, first week of Aug- Weather been a little unstable, leftovers from tropical storm, Mostly rain, some wind.....
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