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Registered User
Jul 5, 2016, 8:11 PM
Jul 12, 2016, 6:26 AM
Self employed
Saltwater Fishing
Gulf of Mexico

Grady White Canyon 336, fish snapper, amberjack, sword, tile, trigger etc,
Forum Responses:

Re: [Len_Cody] what`s your favorite bottom fishing bait poll?
I like the fly bait. Sounds like a good idea. I currently use pinfish, usually caught in an overnig...
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Re: [miamicharter] Fort Lauderdale wreck fishing
My fishing is identical just off Alabama coast, except I only have to go 5-10 miles to do the same thing. I love...
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Re: [firstcatch] Monster Tog caught on NJ Party Boat
Not familiar with that species. Resembles a black drum or large sheep head. Is it good to eat? Thanks for sh...
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Hand feeding Red Snapper
Ok guys you will like this one. During my recent snapper season, in Federal waters, I fished on a private reef, just south of Alabama (t...
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Re: [tubeN2] Deep Drop Reels
I am still debating on whether or not to spend the money on a quality electric. I have always purchased quality fishing reels but $5...
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Re: [tubeN2] Deep Drop Reels
Thanks for the contribution here. Tell me about your reels. How long have you owned the Diawa? Has it performed well for you.I know ...
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Re: [shor] Can anyone ID this "grouper" species?!
A scamp has a stringy tail, spots vary a lot but when you look at the end of the tail on a gag vs a scamp I am ...
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Re: [Tigerfish69] Can anyone ID this "grouper" species?!
Its a Gag grouper
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New comer
Hello to all,I am excited about being a member of this forum to share fishing techniques, equipment, knots, lures etc.I fish all sorts of areas but pr...
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Re: [harryhh] How can I smooth out a knot?
Please forgive me for posting the FG info in freshwater.The only place your can really use this on a fly rod, and I do...
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