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Sep 26, 2006, 8:48 PM
Jan 12, 2020, 11:31 AM
Fly Fishing
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Re: [MSM1970] Got to love it
I just don't understand the mentality of some people but I'm guessing they don't get out much
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Got to love it
Fishing the bank at Strawberry the section we were at was across from the marina literally not another boat insight yet we get these Jack wagons a...
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Lost fins Jordanelle
By chance anybody pick up a couple of Float Tube Finsat the Rock Creek Side of Jordanelle. Left mine next to the Boat ramp went back and the...
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Re: [riverdog] Weber River 6/1
Not trying to complicate things but the Original Poster is new fly fishing the things you mentioned take time ... Like everything ...
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Re: [Ramen4Breakfast] Weber River 6/1
Key to the Weber is bounce it off the bottom an use a bead head fly, BH Prince Nymph, BH Hares Ear, or BH Copper John
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Re: [4thekids] Powerbait on the bottom
Theirs a few different ways to rig a line for powerbait the two that use is Bullet weight or Water Bubble on the main line...
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Re: [laughfactory] Any place to catch big fish from shore (Northern Utah)?
Its been a few years but Mantua is a good place to take the family lots of blue gills ...
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Re: [fishgiver] Echo new state park
I read this in the paper this morning hopefully the 2 million in upgrades will cleanup the surrounding area.
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Re: [rahmaster] Rock Cliffs boating warning.
Dang those prop aren't cheap I agree they need to put a buoy there or at least something as a warning
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Re: [doggonefishin] Rock Cliffs boating warning.
Oh I read your post wrong Marks on boats I thought that read as Markers
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