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Mar 3, 2003, 9:57 AM
Feb 10, 2006, 7:33 AM

Will Byman
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Forum Responses:

Re: [DanielJRioux] Electric drill ice auger adapter(from utah board)
You boys must either have some really good batteries or it isn't very cold where you are. I ...
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Re: [BigSplash] Trout on ice
We were using live minnows with just a plain jane snell hook. Nothing flashy was working that day. I have in the past caught trout t...
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Re: [theangler] 2 Year FREE Subscription to Field and Stream Magazine (First 5,000)
The two year subscription is great! But I can't get it, I live in Canada. So ...
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Trout on ice
I had the opportunity to go ice fishing for Lake Trout on saturday. It was a great day! Snowed all day long and it was a balmy -12 C (thats not quit...
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Re: [ReelMN] What fish fights the hardest?
The fish that fought the hardest for me was a king salmon
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Re: [davetclown] 16 Species Fish Picture Contest
hey, I have caught a number of fish this year but the pictures that I have dont have a BFT logo in them. Can I s...
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Re: [lonehunter] how many bow fishermen do we have here ?
I have often wanted to try but I don't know if it is legal or not here in ontario. I do like to bow hun...
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What is the limit for Crappie in your area

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Re: [Gamakatsu] How far do you travel to fish?
I travel about an hour usually in the winter, but in the summer it depends on what I want to fish for. The furthes...
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sunny days
well its getting sunny up here in n w ontario, it got up to 15 C on sunday! I am getting the itch something fierce for some ice out trout and perhaps ...
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