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May 4, 2013, 6:29 PM
Dec 15, 2013, 4:50 PM
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what kind of fish?
HelloI caught these at Miami pier(See attached pics)What kind of fish are they? name?Thanks,
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Looking for a good place where I can fish in night time in Miami,FL
Hello, Do you know any good place where I can fish in night time(Especially, Friday or Sat ni...
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Re: [riverdog] A needlefish?
I don't think I am desperate.Since this is a kind of fish I ever caught first time, I was curious whether this is edible or not.BTW,...
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A needlefish?
I caught this fish(Attached pic) at one pier in FL.Two questions.1. This is a needlefish, isn't this?2. Is it safe to cook and eat?Thanks,
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Re: [riverdog] Am I right?
Thanks for reply.When I get a chance, I will take another shot for the second fish..BTW, is this also one of snappers?As far as I know...
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Am I right?
First one I attached is I believe Yellow Tail Snapper. Right?Then the second picture I attached..what kind of fish is it?Anybody idea?
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Re: [Paulpro] Can I eat this fish????
Oh right...I remember I heard that sound... BTW, what's the name of this fish??? THANKS!!
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Re: [albinotrout] Can I eat this fish????
The thing is that I attached my image several times..however, it looks like it wasn't uploaded for some reason...let me...
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Can I eat this fish????
I just started fishing a couple of days ago... Today I caught one fish!!..Yeah..awesome.. BTW, I am not sure whether I can eat this or no...
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