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Mar 11, 2009, 7:21 AM
Apr 17, 2015, 6:42 PM
todd larson
midvale utah
Freshwater Fishing
strawberry and east canyon,starvation

Life's To Short To Fish With An UGLY ROD.............
Forum Responses:

Re: [Mike_LaTaco] yuba question
heres the picture of a few of the pike we caught this last year it was early and we only kept enough to fillet out for dinner
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Re: [Mike_LaTaco] yuba question
We're you fishing from shore or from a boat
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Re: [Mike_LaTaco] yuba question
We cough maybe 20 or so all good size
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Re: [utahgolf] yuba question
I did good in December good size and good numbers Hope it's not that bad as you say
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yuba question
Yuba question did the storm mess up the fishing for this weekend was thinking about taking the kayak out for a spin and tease a few pike any info w...
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Re: [TRUBBS] delta airlines response....
it also bent the drivers seat and the blue tooth and emergency phone dodge behind the mirror has just like on star was c...
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delta airlines response....
delta airlines response....on march 25 at 1;50 am I had just gotten home from helping my son I had just parked my car and was heading...
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Re: [slapwater] rod building for scouts solution
I have everything needed for rod building just wanting others with different skills to want to show there skills...
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Re: [HD7000] rod building for scouts solution
sorry to hear there is so much politics in scouting these days that's why I was thinking about a Saturday so we can...
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Re: [duckkiller33] rod building for scouts solution
the best way is for me to show you what will need and where to get it so you can choose the items that will f...
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