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Title: Huge ice fishing pike
Description: Big Pike on the ice !!
Submit Date: Fri Dec 23 2016
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Mar 20, 2016, 2:08 AM
Apr 18, 2019, 9:16 AM
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Forum Responses:

Tarpon fishing 2019 Costa Rica/Nicaragua
Highlights from our boys trip to Rio Indio Lodge. We only got 2 tarpon this trip but man do they ever fight hard and jum...
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Big Brook trout fishing 2018 eSeDw6FM A collection of some brook trout I caught this summer on God's River. Amazing views, ra...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Underwater Walleye & pike Strikes
yeah they do that now and then haha Thanks :)
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Underwater Walleye & pike Strikes
A new video in some clear water. Using deep divers M6LSD4Jo
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Sight Fishing Walleye + Rod Breaking Fight 3EAm4CMk Can't believe I got this on video. The walleyes on God's River have a rea...
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Big 43.5 inch pike video 2mpjjMf4&t=52s nice 43.5 inch pike caught on an 8 inch yellow blade bucktail.
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Underwater Walleye Strikes Trolling X-Rap's (Water Wolf) xB2TeiwI&t=1s This is what it looks like when the walleyes bite. Thi...
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Kid catches 2 monster pike (video)
Took my little brother ice fishing for a 3rd time ever and he got 2 big pikes using herring as dead baits.
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Giant fall lake trout EWf8lTa4 A crazy 3 day trip where we catch 9 Trophy Lake trout. The trout were super shallow and in spa...
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Underwater Lake trout strikes video Ey0_rdiI&t=230s Amazing point of view!! See how it looks like when lake trout bite your b...
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