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Dec 14, 2010, 2:24 PM
Jan 12, 2019, 7:48 PM
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Ice Fishing
Forum Responses:

Lost Creek Ice???
Any safe ice on Lost Creek yet? Hoping to get out this week. Thanks!
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Re: [markfisher] Daniel's ice?
Iíve been anxious to hit Daniels as well. Any news on safe ice? Iím hoping to head out there next week. Thanks!
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Re: [Twag1234] Chesterfield Ice
Iím looking to head to Chesterfield as well. I was hoping there would be safe ice by next week but I havenít seen any updated pos...
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Re: [fishinfool] Live Bait at Strawberry
When I found the Bag of minnows nobody was around, it was almost dark and we were just walking back to the parking area....
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Live Bait at Strawberry
Went to Strawberry on Friday and had a really good day, my dad even caught a 7lb/24in Cutt! We let him go to catch another day, hopefully...
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Daniel's Res?
Anyone know what the current ice conditions are like at Daniels? I want to make one more trip up there this year but want to make sure theres safe ...
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Re: [fishinfool03] Daniels?
Hey did you guys end up going to Daniels? My father and I are headed up there tomorrow if there's safe ice. How were the conditions u...
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Re: [brookie] Otter Creek Ice Conditions?
Thanks for the updates! I guess ice fishing will have to be put on hold another weekend.
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I'm thinking about heading up to Daniels this weekend but wanted to check the ice conditions. Anybody have updated ice conditions?
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Otter Creek Ice Conditions?
Hey does anyone know what the ice conditions are at Otter Creek? I'm from Logan and I'm going to make the trip down south with some ...
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