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Date Submitted: Tue May 18 2010
Location: willard
State: Utah
Fish: wiper

Description:willard wiper

Date Submitted: Thu Apr 24 2008
Location: willard
State: Utah
Fish: Black Crappie

Description:crappie on a jig

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May 2, 2006, 9:22 PM
Aug 16, 2019, 2:55 PM
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Forum Responses:

Re: [Elkslayer1] flaming gorge 06-28-19
UV purple tiger cripplure aprox 18" behind a UV sling blade was the best producer at 32'. with a 30' setback behind the b...
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Re: [T-Boz] Gorge Indepence day weekend
I like anvil boat launch, plenty of easy access dirt camping and the koke and trout fishing is good whether you go north ...
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flaming gorge 06-28-19
Me and few friends hit the gorge again this weekend and had an excellent time. The koke fishing was awesome with mixed in rainbows, lakers...
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Re: [fly_fishing_nut] Willard Strawberry and The Gorge
Here is the sling blade and a spinner, the blade is used as an attractor 24-48" in front of the spinner fo...
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Willard Strawberry and The Gorge
I was able to take a few friends on a week long adventure to rip some lips and we caught alot of fish! Started at willard to get...
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Re: [PACKFAN] Strawberry Kokes
yeah, i don't post enough anymore for sure! not from the lack of being outdoors tho!!! Wink Ill have to step it up! hope to see yo...
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Re: [Bigbuck54] Strawberry Kokes
We fought the wind and rain for a few hours Monday and caught a couple limits of kokes mostly on Macks Hot orange squids behind ...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Question about LE deer tag
these few bucks i personally seen(got 1) last year VERY close to the crawford border. Im guessing the widest one go...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Question about LE deer tag
Late Muzzy hunts are your best odds up here north for do it yourself hunt, I second the crawfords or if you can get...
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Re: [Fishin_dad] Big tigers?

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