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Date Submitted: Mon Sep 28 2009
Location: Salmon River
State: Connecticut
Fish: Rainbow Trout

Description:Caught this trout on the 4th of July of 09. Getting it mounted, hopefully it'll be done soon. I'll post a picture of the mount as soon as I get it back.

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Aug 31, 2009, 3:27 PM
Jul 2, 2014, 5:29 PM
HVAC Tech.
Freshwater Fishing
Forum Responses:

Re: [Deansw] What kind of fish is this
I say chain pickeral. The give-away is the black line that comes down from the eye.
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Trout Fishing.
The farmington and salmon river during the evening have been great for dry fly fishing. Lots of hatches and several catches at a clip. Will try an...
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Re: [flygoddess] Carp on the fly
nice fish. never had the pleasure to land a carp on a fly rod. What wt do you normally use? biggest I own is an 8. I have some "...
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Re: [UVUrockbass] i need your input!
Time of day would be helpful too.
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Re: [Deergirl13] Where are the best places in a creek to fish for freshly stocked trout?
Look for the trout behind rocks where the currant changes. Deeper pools...
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Re: [paulgreenacre] Atlantic salmon on the fly
Nice catch. Never got the pleasure to catch one that size here in CT.
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Re: [jbsport36] Stripping a streamer
I've learned that streamer presentation depends on the day, weather, and speed of water; if its a river. I usually just keep...
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Re: [Nicktaco] Fishing Line Question
For the price of line. It's worth changing annually.
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Re: [paullywog1973] Hello from Ohio
Welcome. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Tight Lines.
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Re: [kkfish123] New member from Florida
Welcome to the site. Let us know if you have any questions
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