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Feb 28, 2013, 6:44 PM
May 24, 2014, 5:47 PM
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Clearwater Salmon Guys
Last year I moved back to the area, got really into fishing in the south fork of the Clearwater in the late winter early spring for steeli...
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Re: [chrome_junky] South fork Clearwater yesterday.
Also any report of how high you think the fish are now with the flows coming down so high. Las I heard they w...
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Re: [chrome_junky] South fork Clearwater yesterday.
I looked up those helgies and slider worms you spoke of. I can see why the helgies would be a good tactic the...
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Re: [drowning_flys] Sportsman Harassment
Drowning Flys: excellent suggestion
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Grande Ronde
Anyone in here fishing the Grande Ronde? I posted in WA and OR forums but unlike this one they seem to not have much activity. Anybody know where th...
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SF Clearwater
I hit the southfork again, Personally I caught nothing. Was disapointed too because I was definently presenting my jigs and even eggs to fish. Fick...
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Grand Ronde Steelhead
Would love some info. Who's fishing the Ronde? What stretches are fishing good? How you fishin em?
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Grand Ronde Steel
Anybody fishing the Ronde Lately? I keep hearing it's fishin good. I'm up north in Clearwater country been meaning to make it down there. What ...
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Re: [TOJIACKFLOATMAN] Anyone Surf fish Rockaway Beach Oregon ?
The miami river is a load of fun if you hit it right. Small water with good fishing for trout salm...
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Re: [lskiles] Anyone knows what kind of fish is this?
oh no =) while almost any fish is edible if you are starving, that one is not standard table fair! You are ...
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