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Date Submitted: Tue Jul 22 2008
Location: Channel Islands
State: California
Fish: Pacific Barracuda

Description:Caught at the East end of Anacapa. 9' Okuma Hallogen rod, Okuma Alumina 100 reel. Trilene 6lb test. Fish weighed 8 and 8 1/2lbs each.

About Me:

Jul 30, 2003, 9:06 AM
Dec 10, 2016, 8:46 PM
Steve Scouten
Fishing, hunting,float tubing,gourmet cooking,fishing,jokes,fishing!!!!!
Los Angeles
Commercial Fishing
Saltwater Fishing
All the oceans.
14 Foot Hammerhead Shark

Through my sponsorships, I have fished all over the world. Made many friends along the way and caught many species that I wouldn't have caught otherwise.
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Welcome aboard and thank you for taking the time to register.
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Welcome aboard and thank you for sharing with us. I lived in UT years ago. Hard water was always fun. The water in my area stays soft and ...
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Nice catch bro. I only had the chance to fish Henrys when I was living in ID just before moving to UT. I was in the boy scouts and...
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Welcome aboard. I guess your fish pic didn't work out. Let me know if you need help getting it posted.
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Hi and welcome to our forums. Flaming Gorge can be hit or miss with the ice sometimes. I learned that when fishing there...
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Welcome aboard Serge. We are happy to have you here. Thank you for sharing your fishing experience with us.
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We used to catch some nice sized carp on ultra light gear in the Marina at Willard Bay when I lived in that area. They are fu...
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I love big gaming on the flyswatter. I fish the big salty pond in my area with an 11wt. It is just right out of the tube and ...
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Re: [tomasz20] double header trophy smallmouth video
That was cool. Nice double header. Git er done!!!
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