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Date Submitted: Mon Jul 18 2011
State: Utah
Fish: Tiger Muskellunge

Description:caught at pineview on a top raider at 7:20am. fish was 38in.

Date Submitted: Fri Oct 24 2008
Location: yuba res.
State: Utah
Fish: Northern Pike

Description:42in. pike caught in yuba res. in June o8. caught at about 2:00pm on a j-9 jointed perch rapala casted up into a weed line.

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Forum Responses:

Re: [Phnd] Orange EVA grip material
Have you checked they have a big selection of rod building stuff. they should have it, I've seen lots of eva grip...
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Re: [gaetzchamp] Feeding Brown Trout Photos
Awesome pictures!!!! thanks for posting them.
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Re: [TyeDyeTwins] Alaska SalmonRun Excursion trip
glad you like the shirt, I might have to get a new one, that one has some blood stains now.
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Re: [WaveWolf] Alaska SalmonRun Excursion trip
we had a small 6 seat'er plane fly to the cannery that is their, and land on a dirt road and then had a 10 minute ...
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Re: [PACKFAN] Alaska SalmonRun Excursion trip
the salmon we caught were hump back and pink and one silver. the big halibut's meat is awesome tasting but the smal...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Alaska SalmonRun Excursion trip
yea we had our own boat with gps depth finder to use and did our own thing they took us out the first day in a...
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Re: [WET1] Need More Boaters for UDAV fishing event
hey Todd, when I get back to work wed. this week I will let you know if I can make it.
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Re: [Blackellunge] Mounting downriggers - question
I have a smoker craft 2004 and have mounted cannon riggers on it. my boat has a small net cover pocket in the ...
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Re: [FINSUP] Big koke
that's a very nice koke, congrats to you.
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Alaska SalmonRun Excursion trip
the big halibut was 150 and the the other was 73. they were caught 5 minutes apart. my wife caught her's and w...
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