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Jul 7, 2011, 4:45 AM
Aug 21, 2012, 9:48 AM
Hamilton, Bermuda
Professional Fisher and host of What a Catch! fishing show
Fly Fishing
Atlantic Salmon

One of North America’s most beautiful and skilled outdoor sports persons, Kathryn Maroun is a fly fisher with a mission. From Mongolia to the Bahamas, Kathryn doesn’t fish everyman’s water; she thrives on experiencing the thrill of fishing in the most remote and exotic locales around the world.
Forum Responses:

Re: [flygoddess] Fly Fishing in Iceland
Glad that you enjoyed it.Kathryn
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Fly Fishing in Iceland
“Beautiful scenery in the land of Fire and ice.” Crystal clean glacial fed rivers, black sand shores, snow caped volcano shaped mountains ...
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Fishing Karma
“What you put out there will come back to you and sometimes in the most unexpected ways.” – Kathryn Maroun I’ve been spooled twice in my life. Shoc...
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Ripples In Time Celebration - Oregon
I’ve noticed in my travels, that you can tell a lot about a community by how well they look after wild things.People always ...
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Get a Grip
Thought you would get a kick out of seeing this....Check out the rubber chicken in my article.....IMPORTANT CATCH AND RELEASE ARTICLE!!!
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Selene and Fly Tying inspiring video about how Selene turned her love of fly fishing into a successful career. Tight lines, Kathryn
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Re: [theangler] Lets Go Atlantic Salmon Fishing
Will check out the banner options, thanks
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Lets Go Atlantic Salmon Fishing on the Kedgwick river with Stan. Two friends on the water doing what they love.Tight Lines,Kat...
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Put the Line in Your Pocket
Stan Bogdan talks about how he started building hand made reels and some of the challenges and rewards that came along the way. Tight...
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Stan Bogdan and Kathryn Maroun - Season Opener Atlantic Salmon
Legendary Stan Bogdan talks with me about fishing, reels and life. Enj...
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