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Jul 30, 2005, 10:50 PM
Jul 24, 2017, 8:55 PM
eric w
Bear River City
6' 7" Sailfish - Ixtapa, Mexico
Forum Responses:

Re: [Old_Coot] Heat Warning for Tackle
Coot, You comment leads me to think I better change the layout be on the rods left in the box.
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Heat Warning for Tackle
Last month we spent a week at the Lake Powell on the houseboat. We store a pontoon boat there to have with us for fun when we visit. Upon...
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Re: [300win] Lake Powell trip
You know what they say, you can take your kids fishing, but can't necessarily go fishing with your kids.
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Re: [Jonthecook] Echo 7/12/17 and a new species off my list
Congrats man! Sounds like you had some fun. Be careful, those brown fish are seriously addicting. You...
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Re: [utfyrfytr] Mussels
Raid the Wife's or Mother's sewing box. Place the mussel on the hook then wrap thread around the mussel 6 or 7 times until it holds.
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Re: [gripy1] How do u kill a cat
I find a nice electric fillet knife along the back usually does the trick.Wink
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Re: [Koko21] Lake Powell (wahweap) Memorial Day Weekend
Thanks for the report. T-Minus 9 days and counting and I will be right where you were!
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Re: [CVfisher] Cat Crazy on Cutler
WOW! Night fishing for cats with Pops. Brings back great memories as a kid and my Dad. Great job!
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Re: [MisterCompletely] Great Sonar Video
MC, That is exactly what I thought as well. Probably going to have to level it twice, once for the trolling motor mount ...
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Great Sonar Video
As I upgrade my electronics I want to make sure I get the most out of them because as you know Sonars are not cheap. Searching for tips on inst...
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