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May 7, 2016, 5:41 AM
May 30, 2016, 6:13 PM
Forum Responses:

Re: [lskiles] i have a question!
what color seemed to work best for you?
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Re: [lskiles] i have a question!
how do you retrieve ir? how to rig it?
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trout fishing advice or tips
any trout advice or tips would be useful!especially for a still river what size hooks?!?!?
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i would like help catching bass with lures
i need any advice or tips for catching bass thank you
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what is your favorite lure for bas? for trout?
what is your favorite lure for bas? for trout? How do you retrieve it?
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i have a question!
What lures can catch more then one species of freshwater fish? thank you help is appreciated!
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craw fish soft plastic help
how to retrieve and rig the crawfish soft plastic? Where and when to use it? i need advise and tips on how to use a crawfish softplas...
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Re: [fsh4fun05] helpneeded for bass fishing in lakes and ponds
i live in central mass
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how to do the fast burn and other retrieves
please share with me your favorite retrieves for bass fishing and how to do them
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pickerel advice wanted!
How would i catch pickerel? any advice or tips appreciated!! thank you!! what size hook is best? What lures or live bait is best?
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