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Title: Fishing boat catches catfish
Description: They almost lost their boat but they were able to pull it out.
Submit Date: Fri Oct 17 2008
Rating: 4.00                    

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Captain chairs These captain chairs are 19.5 inches wide, 15 inches deep, the back is 13 inches high. They raise 18 inches off the deck. They are in good condition but the slider needs to be oiled to slide freely. I
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My First Trip to Alaska

This is the story of my first trip to Alaska. We drove the Alcan highway through Canada and Alaska, we traveled from Ogden, Utah to Seward Alaska before we headed back.... Read More
My Latest Wall of Fame

Date Submitted: Sun Oct 09 2016
Location: Bear Lake
State: Utah
Fish: Lake Trout

Description:Caught this 32" lake trout trolling with down riggers. The fish weighed a little over 10 lbs

Date Submitted: Tue Nov 10 2015
Location: PV
State: Utah
Fish: Tiger Muskie

Description:I was fishing with a friend for crappie, as I reeled one in I felt extra weight on my line, I continued to reel in what I thought was a big crappie, imagine my surprise when this big Tiger came up. After a few tries at landing it in my crappie net, we finally got it in the boat. Caught on 6 lb test, using a 1/16 oz crappie jig.

Date Submitted: Mon Apr 21 2008
Location: Swanson Res
State: Nebraska
Fish: Wiper

Description:I was fishing with a guide, using live bait, 5in blue gill. I caught this 27 inch, 9 lb wiper right under the boat in 11 or 12 ft of water.

About Me:

Feb 8, 2002, 9:58 AM
Feb 15, 2019, 2:08 PM
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Fishing and Hunting and fishing.
Ogden, Ut
Freshwater Fishing
Willard/Bear lake/ Flaming Gorge
33 inch, 10 lbs lake trout/40" Tiger musky

I'm the big guy with the BFT hat.
Forum Responses:

Re: [dickyfishrule] Strange Fish, Can Anyone Identify?
Do they have this type of sucker in Montana? After reading your last reply, I decided to check this new me...
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Re: [dickyfishrule] Strange Fish, Can Anyone Identify?
Welcome to the site Chance and thanks for the info. Are the Shorthead Redhorse native to Utah? Were you aw...
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Re: [TubeDude] Strange Fish, Can Anyone Identify?
I found this link about suckers, I did not realise there were that many different types: http://www.roughfish.c...
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Re: [REPETER] Ice Fishing Gear
There is a used one for sale on the For Sale board, maybe you can talk him into taking it out on a test run.
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Re: [Kodiak1] Bow Mount vs Gas Kicker
Totally agree with you, love mine for sure, saves you a lots of time and effort because of going back and forth to the moto...
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Re: [6x7] Snowmobile vs ATV with tracks for ice fishing?

6x7 wrote:
Much smaller. Two models (compact and standard) Mine (compact) is 50L/24W/30H Wow, that is...

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Re: [travismadden] Snowmobile vs ATV with tracks for ice fishing?

travismadden wrote:
I did a show with KSL Outdoors end of March last year and there was 4-5 of...

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Re: [LLOMichalchik] Sponsor a Contest
We would love to have you as a sponsor on our contest, has anyone else contacted you about this?
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Re: [Mooseman75] Newbie question
Spare propulsion is another motor, in case your main motor goes out, you have a back up motor, like a kicker motor or electric m...
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Re: [barryn] Best fisherman in the World Ray Johnson
Have you ever caught any fish with them?
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