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Date Submitted: Sat Feb 21 2015
Location: Panguitch Lake
State: Utah
Fish: Tiger Trout

Description:6wt flyrod, type III sinking fly line and a green Wooly Bugger.

About Me:

Registered User
Oct 14, 2011, 2:17 PM
May 25, 2016, 7:18 PM
Freshwater Fishing
Lake Mead
Forum Responses:

Re: [BillyH] Submerged trolling motor?
WOW Bummer! Bet you were wide awake after that swim.I'd let it dry for a day or two and give it a try if it was me. (The p...
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Re: [fish_hntr] Humminbird Transducer Installation
It should be mounted flush with the bottom of the boat. Then try tilting it up a hair or down a hair if there ...
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Re: [BigE] lake mead 5/13-14
Nice! Been reading some of the Striper Club posts on facebook and all that I have seen said the Shad have been extremely hard to com...
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Re: [Fishrmn] Fishin' 05-13-2016
That's where I saw/read that. Lol. Didn't verify . It was set before I hit the road for the lake. Tom
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Re: [wolfs4evr] Fishin' 05-13-2016
Couldn't wait until dinner Went with what is called around here as "Madi snacks" since she loves Stripers cooked this way. He...
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Fishin' 05-13-2016
Another Friday on the water since I had it off and Madi had multiple projects to get done this weekend for school. (She said go ahead and go ...
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Re: [AidanInSpace] Short calville trip 5-12-16
Looks good!Tom
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Re: [AidanInSpace] Finally got a kayak
She naturally did/wanted to go. (We started shore fishing when she was 9 or so/she is now almost 16). My youngest daughter...
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Re: [AidanInSpace] Finally got a kayak
Congrats on the new ride!Tom
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Re: [StarsnStripers] Fishin' 04-29-2016
The only one I show is outa Temple Bar this Saturday. But my list has many holes. 75% correct maybe. Too many different c...
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