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Date Submitted: Sat Feb 21 2015
Location: Panguitch Lake
State: Utah
Fish: Tiger Trout

Description:6wt flyrod, type III sinking fly line and a green Wooly Bugger.

About Me:

Registered User
Oct 14, 2011, 2:17 PM
Apr 30, 2016, 6:22 PM
Freshwater Fishing
Lake Mead
Forum Responses:

Re: [BigE] Fishin' 04-29-2016
With the recent winds and rain I was EXTREMELY surprised how clean the lake was north of Callville.. 20-30 feet of visibility/essen...
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Fishin' 04-29-2016
No one else fishing anymore? What a ghost town out there... Friday was it! The calm between the storms. Guessing everyone was spooked with the...
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Re: [reellittlephish] Overton Arm 4/5/2016
Nice, thanks for the updates.Tom
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Re: [reellittlephish] Topock Marsh Thursday 3/24
Bummer on the fire down there. Doesn't sound too promising. The water temps are good. 6 rigs and a Thursday. Wou...
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Re: [StarsnStripers] Fishin' 03-25-2016 / New PB!!!
Good catching you too at the dock. I messed around chasing the Stripers too late it appears. Figured wait for...
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Re: [BigE] Fishin' 03-25-2016 / New PB!!!
It looks far but really isn't. 100 feet of line out from the front of the boat. Angled back, etc. Dragging Madi into th...
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Re: [cacoon] Cold Springs/Sunnyside
I feel you on the thumb. I put a treble in each hand so far to date on Mead. One time a Striper was hanging off the other tre...
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Fishin' 03-25-2016 / New PB!!!
What a call to go yesterday. The winds are ripping through my neighborhood right now. Madi blew off the big homework projects she ...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Brand new 17 pitch SS prop for sale
Done. Was hoping someone local was looking for one to avoid shipping, etc.Tom
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Re: [StarsnStripers] mead 3/19
Cranks produced for me in the clear water making long casts but consistently smaller fish (Strike King KVD 1.5 flat side crankbait...
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