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Dec 5, 2017, 5:32 PM
Jul 3, 2018, 11:50 PM
Forum Responses:

Whatís your biggest topwater frog catch?
I like fishing a topwater frog in summer days. Though itís designed to be weedless, I still lost many. This may be the o...
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Packable pole & reel combo
Got a Runcl telescopic rod and reel combo to review. The Runcl rod with a spinning reel, 20 pound mono and other accessories come into...
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Fishing or boating items you received for Christmas?
I got a fishing rod & reel combo with a plastic tackle box from a new brand Runcl. Not bad for bank fishing...
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How to choose a jig?
How much do you think color would do with a jigís fishing ability?
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Feedback of Runcl Grim I
One question to start the topic, at what point have you noticed the bite really slows down when itís getting cold? Iíve seen an interest...
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Christmas wish list
I've always been an avid spinning reel kind of guy. And have used spinning reels of many brands, expensive or cheap ones, Shimano, lewís, kas...
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favorite lure list
In order from most thrown to least. 1. Spybait 2. Ned Rig/Wacky Rig 3. Runcl popping frog 4. Square Bill 5. Deep diving crank (20ft) 6. Shakey...
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