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Mar 18, 2007, 6:32 PM
Mar 1, 2010, 10:33 AM
Freshwater Fishing
Forum Responses:

Re: [phishermn] Musky & Big Flies
Phisherman, look into St. Croix rods. I've got a 10 wt and it is the best rod I've ever owned. I've got a Scientific Angler's S...
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Reserrvoir to be DRAINED & NO LIMIT fishing? Where?
I caught the tail end of a news report. Some Res is to be drained. Therefore, they are allowing NO LIMIT fis...
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Re: [TooPureToDie] Spawning Pike?
Some Pike waters in Colorado are Catch & Release only, so it requires a barbless hook. I crush mine down with pincer pliers; bu...
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Re: [mattscru] Spawning Pike?
You weren't exactly way off. Pike, Muskies, and Tiger Muskies will move to the shallows in the fall; but actual spawning is in the ...
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Re: [Jordan5] Getting back into it
Jordan. You might just have to get a lantern and a lawn chair and enjoy some fishing at night as well.
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Re: [TooPureToDie] Spawning Pike?
The spawn begins, as I understand it, while the ice is still on the water, and by the time the ice is mostly gone, the spawn ha...
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Re: [Guest] Catfish in Colorado
Dear Guest: If you want Blues or really large Channels, you might consider a long drive to Southeastern Colorado past La Junta. L...
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Re: [Jordan5] Getting back into it
Jordan: It's a rock "quarry". You're going to have a ball with all the advice you've gotten here. Any rock quarry in Ohio shou...
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Re: [PapaSmurf124] Trout Fishing Questions
Salmon Eggs or "Fireballs" are commonly used. Any of the Powerbaits, The orange, green, or other colors are popular.
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Re: [JasonMcMillin] Catfish in Colorado
Jason: Does Stern's permit live bait? Are there any directions to Sterns? I'm in Denver.
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