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Registered User
Jul 1, 2010, 9:33 PM
Jul 25, 2011, 12:31 AM
Rock & Surf / Kayak Fishing / Depth & Sturcture mapping
Saltwater Fishing
East Coast - South Africa
Forum Responses:

Battery Installation
Installation of the battery & box - After connecting the terminals initially I found that the connection wasn't as good as I would have like...
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Building a 'Kayak Crate'...
If you are looking at getting yourself a Kayak then you are most likely at some point going to need a ‘Kayak Crate’.There are those t...
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Kayak Tackle/Lure/Tools Storage Box...
So after much 'head scratching', plotting and planning I decided a while back to just go ahead and build myself a storage ...
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Fish Finder Installation LMS-522C iGPS
Installation of the Fish Finder and the Transducer, the only thing is that I couldn't find glands that were the correct si...
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Fishing Kayak - South Africa
Here's my Fluid Bamba - Dedicated fishing platform...
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Howzit all...
Hi all, just joined and wanted to say hello. I'm an avid Kayak / Rock & Surf Fisherman from the East coast of South Africa. I have been fishing for...
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