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BigFishTackle.Com Message Boards Terms of Use

Registration to this site and forum are free and voluntary! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below and due to the collaborative nature of a message forum, should you cancel your account posts made by that account will remain at the sole discretion of BigFishTackle.Com. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to request termination of your account.

Although the administrators and moderators of BigFishTackle.Com will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of BigFishTackle.Com, nor Predatorial Advertising Assoc. L.L.C.. (developers of will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, violate any copyright or trademark, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, violation of any laws or contain ideas, thoughts or comments that you do not wish to have made public.

The owners of BigFishTackle.Com reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

By voluntarily  using this forum you agree to hold harmless BigFishTackle.Com, Predatorial Advertising Assoc. L.L.C. and all of its agents for any content in this forum.

BigFishTackle Forum Guidelines

  1. While navigating and posting on the forums, use the same basic rules of etiquette that you would in real life. Insults or criticism on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. are not welcome or acceptable. There is a difference between healthy debate and personal attacks. Remember that communication is the purpose of all forums.

  2. Remember to keep things on topic: threads should be relevant to the forum or category they are being posted in.

  3. Don't spam the forums. Spam can be interpreted as commercial advertising, posting links to other fishing forums, or posting the same message multiple times.
    1. No users with less then 15 posts in this forum will be permitted to post any link of any kind.
    2. Users who are identified with repeated posts of the same url for promotional purposes will have thier user account prohibited from posting in the forums. They will be able to actively view the forums and other areas but will not be allowed to post in any boards.
    3. All links deemed promotional in nature will be moved immediately to the Advertisers & Fishing Related Spam boards with no pointer from the original posted forum. If you are asked "where my post went" by a user in the next week, you can safely assume that's were it is.
    4. All fishing related spam will be moved to the above board (for the initial violation accounts with more then 3 violations will be disabled from posting), any non related fishing spam, users posting privileges on all areas of the site will be suspended and all posts deleted.
    5. Any link to a personal FISHING site not containing a link back to BFT will be moved to the previously mentioned board.
    6. Any link to any fishing site that contains a fishing forum will be moved to previously mentioned board.
    7. Charter and Guides (not in violation of previously mentioned policies) can post a link to their listing in the charter and guides directory (free charter and guides listing available to members by clicking here) only in a signature file with no call to action or pricing (i.e. no book a trip today) and only if they have a track record of providing quality reports (determined by staff and moderators. For moderators wanting to add a link to their listing please contact the webmaster at with subject (link my charter or guide service) or ask a moderator in the forums.
    8. Links deemed "educational" in nature will be permitted.

  4. Photographs and Video- This site now supports all major photo and video formats and both posted to the forum should be done from you hard drive or from an uploaded area of this site.
    1. Video Can be posted
    2. Photographs can be posted or uploaded from these forums themsleves
    3. Copyrighted content (text, audio and images) should not be posted without permission from the copyright owner.

  5. If you wish to contact one forum member in particular, don't clutter up the forums with threads meant for only one person: that's what private messages and e-mail are for.

  6. Links in Signatures are not allowed except for advertisers of this forum, partner websites of this forum, moderators, or by posters purchasing a "signature link package". You may list your web address that does not violate any previously listed forum guidelines but it must not be a "clickable" link and it can only contain up to 1 web address with no "advertising call to action" (moderators only, exempt from this policy) unless approved by an admin or moderator but are still subject to previously mentioned policy.
  7. Commercial Advertisements are expressly prohibited in posts, aviators or signature files without prior written consent from BigFishTackle.Com's staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register? click Here
  2. How do I retrieve my username or password information. click here
  3. What do the fish by my username mean? click here
  4. How do I ad pictures or images to my signature file? click here
  5. How to add pictures to your post? click here
  6. How to use mark up in your post? click here

1- Registration can easily be accomplished by clicking here. Once you have completed the registration page, you will usually receive your password information within a couple of minutes and be required to confirm your registration by clicking a link or replying to the email. Be sure to keep track of your password information because every time you do a computer "cleanup" and remove your "cookies", BFT will not automatically recognize you again until you sign in again...using your password. Note: If you have a spam blocker or an email screening program you may not receive your registration confirmation and should look in your quarantine or spam folder. If you have not received your confirmation and would like to be manually validated please email . Please try to use good judgment in choosing a BFT user name. It is okay to be creative, but this is a family forum. If your new "handle" is deemed to be in poor taste, you may be asked to reregister and choose a new one.

The BFT name system is set up so that it has to be all one together. It will not accept a name with more than one word. However, you can use an "underscore", like this _ to connect two words. For example, BigFishTackle will work. Big_Fish_Tackle will also work. Big Fish Tackle will not.

In setting up your handle, you do not have to use any special "case" for your letters. They can be a mix of UpPeR aNd LoWeR case, they can be ALL UPPER CASE or all lower case. You can incorporate numbers as well, if you have some that have special significance.

2- To retrieve your username and password . click here

3-  For fun we have implemented a counting system, according to how many posts and replies you make. Most folks quickly notice the little fishy "icons" beneath the names of the members. Those change in progression according to your number of posts you make. You cannot choose your own, but you can choose the icon that goes into your signature. The moderators or other more seasoned members will help you with that. We were all newbie's at one time, and we know the types of questions everybody has.

Here is a breakdown of how the number of posts reflect the title/icon next to your username.

0 => New Member
5 => Bait (Nightcrawler)
25 => Shiner
50 => Brookie
100 => WeakFish
200 => Perch
300 => Rainbow Trout
400 => Calico Bass
500 => Walleye
750 => Barracuda
1000 => Large Mouth Bass
1250 => White Sea Bass
1500 => Alaskan Salmon
1750 => Striper Bass
2000 => Chain Pickeral
2500 => Yellowtail
3000 => Northern Pike
3500 => Dorado
4000 => Sturgeon
4500 => Tuna
5000 => Channel Catfish
5500 => Swordfish
6000 => Aligator Gar
7000 => Marlin
8000 => Sturgeon
10000 => Shark
10000 + => Is still in the works and were talking about having great prizes for users (and moderators) who reach this

4- To add pictures and/or icons into your signature.

1. Click on your BFT user name as it appears in a post or on a PM. That will bring up your profile page.
2. Click on the "Edit Profile" button to bring up the editing options.
3. Click on "User Profile". This is the screen in which you set up or make changes to whatever you want to appear whenever you post or send a PM.
4. Scroll down to the shaded area that has "Icon". If you have no icon currently, there will be a dot in the circle "None".
5. To add or change a picture or icon, click on browse. This will display a menu of all your files, from which you can choose an image to upload.
6. Click on the image you choose to highlight it. Then click on "Open". This will display the file name of the image in the box beside the browse button and the menu screen will go away.
7. Click on the line "Upload new image" below the browse box. Nothing happens yet.
8. Scroll down to the bottom, to the "make profile changes button". Click it and the new icon will be added to all of your past and future posts and PMs.
9. Check a previous post to verify and to make sure you loaded the right image. Also be sure it is sized right.

NOTE: You can upload Jpeg or GIF images, including animation. Bitmaps do not work.

Do not use images larger than about 100 pixels wide, or your signature box will expand over into the message box. When that happens, be prepared for a lot of flak from the other members. That's rookie stuff.

Don't shrink an image you might want to use another time. Make a copy of your image into another file and then resize it before uploading it.

5- If the picture is from your site or located on the internet it is as simple as selecting the image, clicking edit-copy on your browser, then proceeding to your post, clicking were you want to insert the picture then clicking, edit-paste.

Another method which is located at the bottom of the screen when you click "post" is the "InLine" option for attaching a file to a post.

Remember, all pictures inserted into the body of the post must be 400 pixels max width. All pictures over 400 pixels wide will be deleted from the post.

When you upload an attachment, like a picture, you can check the box and click upload attachment and then once it reloads you can click the picture frame on the toolbar and it will paste the picture. It makes it easier so you don't have to edit your post and then paste the picture.

HTML Markup Help

There are 2 ways that this can be configured on a per board basis. If HTML is On then you will see HTML is On and you can use normal HTML in your posts. If Markup is on you will see Markup is On. The following tags are available for your use if Markup is enabled:

[b] text [/b] = Makes the given text bold.
[email] [/email] = Makes the given email address clickable.
[i] text [/i] = Makes the given text italic.
[image]url[/image] = Puts the given url in an img src tag.
[pre] text [/pre] = Surrounds the given text with pre tags.
[quote] text [/quote] = Surrounds the given text with blockquote and hr's. This markup tag is used for quoting a reply.
[url] link [/url] = Makes the given url into a link.
[url=link] title [/url] = Makes the given title into a hyperlink pointing to link.

[angelic] =
[blush] =

[caught] =

[comicfish] =
[cool] =
[crazy] =

[fisherman] =

[fishy] =

[flyfishing] =
[frown] =

[gfish] =

[gonefishin] =

[grouper] =
[laugh] =

[libfish] =
[mad] =

[marlinicon] =

[net] =

[pices] =

[pike] =
[pirate] =

[purple] =

[raplreiW] =

[rod] =

[salmon] =

[shk02c] =

[shk35b] =

[sharkhead] =
[shocked] =
[sly] =
[smile] =

[stingray] =

[teeth] =
[tongue] =
[unimpressed] =
[unsure] =

[walleye] =
[wink] =

[red] text [/red] = Makes the given text red.
[green] text [/green] = Makes the given text green.
[blue] text [/blue] = Makes the given text blue.
[orange] text [/orange] = Makes the given text orange.
[black] text [/black] = Makes the given text black.
[white] text [/white] = Makes the given text white.
[yellow] text [/yellow] = Makes the given text yellow.
[purple] text [/purple] = Makes the given text purple.