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Re: [FatBiker] Utah lost Patagonia and likely other Outdoor Retailers
FatBiker wrote:
Bovineowner, there's a fish cleaning station at Willard Bay's south marina that has been broken for at least 18 months. Willard Bay is one else of the state's most popular state parks. Despite the efforts of many people on this site we have not been able to get any action on this issue. Utah collects $10 from everyone who drives through the gate yet won't put any money into maintaining the facilities. I've personally made three trips to SLC on this issue and the only answer I can get is, "the parts on order."

I don't want to hijack lunatics thread, but I would suggest you go back and read my thread on the cleaning station Larry. I think I covered it well and showed the who, what, where, and when. I did it all with just a few phone calls, emails, and a face-to-face meeting with Officer Morgan (Willard Bay SP Manager). Was the ball dropped? Yes, more than once. Will the problem be fixed? Definitely! Did I complain, and cry, and moan about it like a lunatic on a Internet forum? Nah! I found out the facts of the matter and posted the information for everybody's benefit with no political overtones or placing of blame. Here's the link: Cleaning Station thread

Bob Hicks, from Utah
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