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Re: [rusty-hook] float tube vs. pontoon
I've owned both and as stated each has advantages and disadvantages.

Pontoon pluses vs Tube:
Higher capacity for bigger power systems and more stuff
Fishing farther out of the water, more comfortable in cold water times
Faster top speeds and greater range for same motor/battery combination

Pontoon minuses vs Tube:
Assembly/disassembly time
More susceptible to wind, harder to keep over the fishing spot

I ended up selling my Pontoon. I usually fish pretty big lakes in my Tube (DC and Strawberry) but even those don't require a lot of moving between my launch point and desired fishing locations. Most the time I'm fishing right from my launch point.

I added a motor/battery to a larger tube to help with some longer runs and to troll -- copying much of that TD has done in that arena.

For me the assembly complexity and particularly the wind difficulties made the tube a better choice.

But I fish with mostly pontoon guys.

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