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Fishing Report for Ucluelet BC, may 30
May 30, 2017

A few large were taken again this past week and we hit 29lbs for the second week in a row which is great for this time of year. The fishing has not been fast and has often been coming in flurries followed by lulls. The afternoon has produced the large fish and it seems it has taken some time for the bite to come on—perfect for fisherman who don’t like the early morning hours. There are still a few fish being taken at the Red Can, but most have moved out to South Bank which is about 5 miles out of the harbor. The weather has been getting much better and there are some halibut being taken more consistently though not in huge numbers. Chinook are biting on the small spoons mostly, but some of the larger Chinook are being taken on a splatter back hutchie.

We expect the halibut to start increasing in numbers this next week. We are also getting Lingcod and Yellow Eye so people are getting a great seafood basket.

Below are some pics from the past week!

If you are looking to come during summer months I would suggest booking your accommodation very soon. This is the busiest summer I have seen for booking accommodation.

Sam Vandervalk
Salmon Eye Fishing Charters

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