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Re: [Calicanuck] Deeper Sonar For Locating Structure
Thanks, Calicanuck!

I haven't done the research to know what to expect.

I imagine it will integrate well with my powerful new Galaxy Book tablet with Windows 10 that I hope can work with the mapping and the new Deeper. I'm picturing it adding data to the maps from my style of shore fishing entailing walking the shore with a lot of fan out casting. I tend to make fishing an athletic activity.

If that works, then I can add waypoints with notes of structure and where I catch fish. Then later it becomes synergistic with my ice fishing equipment by adding valuable features I don't have.

I was thinking ice fishing as just this past afternoon. I went to see what to get for new wheels to be able to change wheels for ice fishing. Though my vehicle will perform well with winter driving even with summer tires, I understand the soft more gripping rubber compound with ice and snow specific tread design will allow me to experience it's full winter driving performance potential with greatly enhanced safety. The high performance winter tires wear very rapidly when it is not winter driving, so with new wheels, I can make the change quickly with an impact wrench.

Ronald :)

Ice Fishing team fishing: Let's team up and enter ice fishing tournaments!

Let's go fishing and soon ice fishing! I prefer to fish with others. I'm well equipped with plenty to share and have a vehicle that is excellent for winter conditions. Let's team up! Private Message me to suggest I come to where you're fishing or plan a trip with me!

be prepared, be very prepared

Don't become a Zombie in The Great Collapse!

I'm using my BFT profile as my personal dating website and posting my latest date invitations to single young BFT fisherladies. Movie dinner date proposal: tickets for DEATH WISH on Tuesday, March 6 at Jordan Commons in Sandy.
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