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Re: [Bps392600] I need advice
Its probably more about your technique than anything. If you can buy the soft plastics one at a time its best, you can experiment until something works. I personally don't think largemouths care much about color or scents unless they're being picky, people like things to rattle but I think its more for aggressive/defensive fish, no idea. Just make it visible and experiment with the retrieval. Usually I use fairly large, kind of wiry hooks with a bend near the top, don't know what they call them but I'd ask for soft plastic or jerkbait hooks. Or use a jig for plastics, they come with lots of different weed guards and ways to hold and present the baits. You can also use slip weights right on top the hook.
If nothings working and the waters cold you might look into finesse fishing.
Any lures could work, crankbaits and top water are fun and could be cheaper in the long run, if you don't loose them. Use strong line with a light hook so you can bend it straight to get out of some snags.
If you go for live bait just know its easy for even tiny fish to swallow large baits so not letting that happen is the goal. If it were me I'd probable use a decent size hook or wide gap with a large shiner under a bobber, hooked under the dorsal fin, or a circle hook with a crawdad on the bottom. Got into bridles early this year going for catfish but didn't have a good season for them, seems like it should work for bass.
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