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Huntington Fire and Ice.
Well howdy, folks. It's been a while. <3

I braved the "unstable ice conditions" today at Huntington/Mammoth. Couldn't have asked for better conditions. Clear blue skies. No wind. Not a flake of snow on the ice. I was walking on glass.

When I pulled up, there was already a group of 3 walking out onto the lake. They were still alive... good enough for me. The unstable ice turned out to be a solid 5 inches of pure crystal. There was foggy ice down by the damn, from the shore to about 20 feet out.

I walked down to the far end of the damn and started just past the foggy ice. Stepping onto the clear ice from the foggy was a little nerve racking. I fished there for about 45 minutes with a couple bites, but nothing landed.

I then moved a little farther down the far shoreline and drilled another 2 holes. Fished there for about 20 minutes without a bite, and decided to head back to my original spot. Reeling up my second pole I got a nice hit, I looked down the hole and could see my jig about 10 feet down. Boom, tiger takes the bait. And from then on it was fish after fish the rest of the afternoon.

From 10-2 I caught over 30 fish. I caught fish on everything I put down the hole, at every depth. Half the fish I caught sight fishing, looking down the hole. It was very enjoyable. Mostly smaller tigers in the 13-14 inch range, but I did catch a few decent ones. Also some with beautiful colors.

Anybody ever catch anything big out of there? Also, anything other than tigers in there? I lost one at the hole that looked like it might have been a rainbow, but could have just been a silvery tiger.

Anyways, I'm sure next weekend will be a mad house. My bad. Happy

There was no snow on the road.

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Don't teach a man to fish... and feed yourself. He's a grown man, and fishing is not that hard.
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