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Re: [lskiles] Is monofilament dead?
You may have more luck casting braid on a baitcaster than mono or f/c. You should try it using 20# test braid such as Power Pro, attach a 1/4 oz weight or lure, release the button and adjusting the centrifugal knob until the weight drops slowly to the ground after releasing the button and then tightening just a bit.

Rod action should be medium - not heavy or light, at least at first until you get the hang of it.

With thumb always lightly in contact with the spool as casting distance is achieved, there should be no backlash even into the wind.

The heavier the lure, the tighter the centrifugal brake. Magnetic brakes are fine (located on the opposite side of the reel), but the c. brake setting is crucial.

Give it another chance. I use baitcast, spincast and spinning reels interchangeably depending on lure, cover thickness and presentation.

(Of course your drag should be set no more than 3/4 of the lines breaking strength, the rod being the shock absorber.)
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