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Re: [Cessna150] Building Confidence with New Baits
Washington makes sense for that reason to me, too. I'm ultra conservative and don't want to give California my dollars.

I also considered the expense of all the surf fishing equipment, vehicle and long trip expenses regarding productivity. But, the productivity I'm looking at is the learning experience. IF I were to live on the beach and could fish every day for almost no cost, then there would be no problem with slowly learning over a long amount of time by trial and error.

But, with a short window of opportunity to learn, I decided it would be cost effective to add hiring an expert surf fishing guide / distance casting coach to also pick the beach that I can drive on and time it with expected fish migration to have a productive surf fishing vacation.

I haven't had success at learning surfcasting with my practice and stopped practicing because it's not beneficial to develop bad habits, so I look to learn it from an expert when I find that expert.

So far, I spent considerable time mostly watching an internet surf fishing group that is mostly on the East coast. If you found a surf fishing group on the West coast or specific to Washington, then please let me know. I also still haven't found that guide / distance casting coach preferably in Washington for the reasons you gave or perhaps even further north in Canada or Alaska.

I like the idea of Alaska. It's a lot more distant, but it is our United States of America and they aren't trying to vote that away there and gun rights are excellent there!

Ronald :)

Let's go fishing! I prefer to fish with others. I'm well equipped with plenty to share and have a vehicle with amazing off road capabilities to get us to even hard to reach fishing destinations. Let's team up! Private Message me to suggest I come to where you're fishing or plan a trip with me!

be prepared, be very prepared

Don't become a Zombie in The Great Collapse!

I'm using my BFT profile as my personal dating website and posting my latest date invitations to single young BFT fisherladies with courage enough to put a worm on a hook. Movie dinner date proposal: Two movies back-to-back with Luxury recliner seat tickets: Oceans 8, Dinner followed by Upgrade (movie) on Tuesday, June 12 at Jordan Commons in Sandy and let's go water skiing (Air Chair - see photograph) or off-roading with fishing this weekend!
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