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Re: [duksnfish] Line Counting Reels - Good, Bad, or Ugly?
The line counting reels actually count revolutions of the spool. At a specific line count, a full spool will have let out more line than a half full spool. The plus side, once a specific count and depth is found on a given day, it is possible to go back to that same count and depth. The down side, two identical reels must have the same amount of line on them for the line count to be comparable. I do not have a line counter reel, so I don't know how much difference there actually is. I typically fish with 100 feet of line out, so there could be a significant difference. I use a line counter that clips onto the rod and measures the line as it is let out. I then disengage the counter and wait for the fish to do their thing. I have checked my clip on counters and they are within two or three feet of each other with 100 feet of line out. I troll with 15 pound monofilament, and my clip on counter works well. I know that a lot of anglers are happy with their line counter reels, and catch fish. I prefer the separate line counter because I think it gives me more consistent readings as I change reels or lose some of the line on the spool. This is a personal choice issue because either system will work as long as the angler gets used to using it.
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