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Fish Lake koke strikeout
Fished Fish Lake on my own yesterday 8:30-1:30.
I only fished for kokes during the lunch hour and in retrospect I should of started first thing for kokes.
I ran a dodger 16" above a tiny jig with a pink maggot.
I was over 89' fow and jigged the entire column.
Had four lookers come in to investigate my offering but could not entice a single hit.
Absolutely beautiful day on rock solid ice and ended up
with 29 perch and 15 trout consisting of a rainbow/splake/tiger mix.
Totally worth the six hour drive to be at such a fantastic area that always produces fine fishing.

* I took a rifle so I could go bunny blasting on the way home. Found a really nice spot with lots of tall sage.
In 1.5 miles I only busted out two measly Jacks and missed the only shot I had....
Where did all the Jacks go?
" It's all fun and games until someone loses an 'eye'".
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