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Re: [SkunkedAgain] Tuesday the 13th Tugs 3-13-18
It is a cool idea to have an annual count on total cats caught and sizes. But rather than making it a (busy work) part of the contest reporting process you might want to just ask for a final total at the end of the contest...on a separate thread.

I maintain 3 separate fishing logs each year. One is a basic trip log...destination, time, weather, water temps, species caught...and sizes, bait or lures used, etc. The second log is for each water I fish...listing dates, times, areas fished, results, etc. The third and last log is by, location, numbers caught, sizes, etc.

I am attaching a copy of the section on channel cats from my 2016 logs.

I refer back to my logs several times a year. They help remind me to go back to things that work and to quit "messin' widdit" if my results are off. Also remind me of tactics, tackle and techniques to use under varying conditions.

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