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Top water reels
Hi, guys, Iím looking at buying a fishing reel that can handle catching a kingi off the rocks or from a wharf. I am looking into the low/mid-priced reels.
This will be my stick bait/popper reel and be loaded with 50-80lb braid

Low price range:

$239 PENN Spinfisher V 8500 - 15.8kg Drag
$269 Fin-Nor Offshore 8500 - 27kg Drag

Mid price range:

$399 Shimano Saragosa 10000 15kg Drag
$499 Daiwa Saltist 6500 15kg Drag

I am new to Topwater fishing so i have no idea if these reels are suitable to do the job. Any recommendations of other reels or feedback on these ones would be greatly appreciated.
Calvin D. Melton
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