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I posted earlier when I first joined asking about pontoons, Since then I have decided to go a different direction for this summer. After long consideration I decided to go with a Classic Accessories CUMBERLAND Float tube. it should arrive by the 11th of July . I already have an electric and a hand pump and already have a rough draft of a PVC rod and accessory holder. I am not getting the waders till this fall I want to get familiar with tube fishing before I go all in. my question is can I just get an inexpensive pr of fins ($20 - $30 ) and expect them to work ok? or does anyone have any recommendations? also I will be doing most of my fishing in the James River in Virginia floating in slow current what size anchor will I need? myself tube and gear will be well under 300 lbs and my tube is rated for 350lb any tips or hints will be greatly appreciated

** BTW if you are looking to purchase a high rated float tube or pontoon for cheap go to thier home page and be sure to register for your 20% off code the final price is very affordable**
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