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Re: [lavaman] 2018 Catfish Contest BLK
Thanks Derek... looks like you have joined the exclusive 30 inch club too... maybe, one of these days I'll find my first 30 incher.

Got a tough one for Jeff. Picked up this 28 incher today and Catrat also caught a 27 and a 28. We were fishing from kayaks and picture taking presents major problems for us. We did not want to kill the fish by taking them in for a truck tailgate photo so we lined up three yaks and tried to get a decent photo. Every pic was blurred or blocked or not all in the pic. Anyway, I'm going to submit this one in two photos and see if Jeff can do his thing to read the sun-blurred numbers. If not, I know where the fish lives and I will ketch him again so no big deal.Wink

Utah Lake, 7-14 28 blurred inches.

You are making me earn my money on scoring this one... Assuming the measure stick is 40" you are good for 28 points, but I don't have a previous use of this measuring device to reference...but I know you're trustworthy so I'm putting you down for 28... J
image/jpeg DSC00741.JPG (2.40 MB)
image/jpeg DSC00740.JPG (2.40 MB)
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