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Re: [RockyRaab] Mussels in the news is not just a Powell problem. It is something that can affect us all. If you are not willing to help fight the are willing to accept the problem infecting and affecting the waters you do fish.

IF you are not willing to help fight the contamination of waters you do fish by paying a yearly registration fee on your boat, then you are not doing anything to help fight to keep your waters clean!

Dalebout--a Utah Conservation Officer--said in a recent article, and I agree that all boaters and fishermen should "follow the process [clean, drain, and dry], no matter which water in Utah you've been boating on. "Utah's waters are tested for quagga mussels regularly," he says, "but you never know when and where they might turn up. Cleaning, draining and drying your boat after every boating trip will help ensure any mussels that might have attached themselves to your boat, or gotten into its water supply, aren't carried to another water. Please clean and dry your anchors and other equipment too." Paying yearly fees to help fight the spread is part of the fight...
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