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Re: [Therapist] Rockport
I talked to the Park Manager a couple days ago. He said that the docks were pulled last week and when he pulled the park boat out his truck was backed in enough that he could see water in front of the truck. The bottom of the ramp flattens out and is covered with 6 to 8 inches of silt making it necessary to back your truck completely into the lake to launch. He strongly recommended against trying it.

Our choices for boat fishing are becoming VERY limited this year. Jordanelle is still up around 70% capacity and Strawberry isn't having any low water issues either. I'll pass on driving over 2 hours to Strawberry just to catch fish I can't keep. I might have to make a couple of trips to Jordanelle and Bear Lake over the next month or so. Also, the obscene over charging for launching a boat at Pineview stops at the end of this month and the crappie there are begging us to catch them.

And duck season starts in 2 weeks, so I won't be without things to do. Wink

Bob Hicks, from Utah
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