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Lincoln Beach - Great News
Lincoln Beach lovers who have been around a while may remember the DWR's failed attempt to acquire the land around Lincoln Point for public use. It has been closed to public access for years but is very good fishing and better access would make a lot of us very happy...especially bank tanglers and folks who would like to be able to launch tubes, toons, yaks, etc.

MERRY CHRISTMAS in October. I had heard there were plans to acquire that land again and the subject was on the agenda for the most recent Utah Lake Commission board meeting. I queried Sam Braegger...Outreach Coordinator for the Commission...asking for additional info. His reply caused me to chortle, guffaw and do gelandersprungs. Here it is.

Utah County has recently purchased the private land north of the Lincoln Beach boat harbor. It's parcel 28:001:0004. Visit and input that parcel number and you'll see exactly how much land it is. There plan is to develop it as a part of the Lincoln Beach access. They have reached out to the Utah Lake Commission to organize efforts for public input on what should be included there. Ideas such as pavilions, a trail, better beach access, etc. have been kicked around but there isn't anything solid yet. I know vault restrooms, that could be open year round, are a popular suggestion (addressing the needs of ice fishermen and many other recreation enthusiasts). We will be helping to gather that information in the near future, so I'll make sure to include you as a resource in getting the word out.


For those who do not want to click on the link provided and look up the parcel info, I have made a screen capture and labeled it for easier understanding.

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