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Re: [TubeDude] Lincoln Beach - Great News
I agree with TD. I was at the "L" this a.m. and got a good look at the old ramps. They are at least 5-6 feet shy of the present water level. They are narrow, one-boat at-a-time launches -- replace 'em and start over.

The "L" has enough depth for launching boats during years with sufficient water. The large rock (often referred to as "whorehouse rock") is a constant hazzard. It protrudes 2-3 ft. above water now but when water depth covers it it is a major hazzard for boats leaving or entering. I have personally autographed it a couple of times with my prop. Deeper water is found to the west side of the rock. I hope any improvements to the area will include some well placed dynomite to remove the big protruding rock.

The fence that has been festooned with "no trespassing" signs for the past few years no longer exists. It has been dozed over by the heavy equipment working on the infrastructure for the residential development above the road. The old "roads" that have existed for years to access the old launch area are still there although pretty much grown over with tamaracks, frags, and assorted weeks.

Here's hoping that one day in the reasonable future the entire area from the present Lincoln on around to the Lincoln Point access area will be as nice as the present Lincoln Beach.
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