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Guess there will always be bad days - but why?
Last week did pretty good - 27 fish in 4 hours - some nice crappie, sunfish and a few y. perch. Today 2 fish and 8 misses. Fished the same stretch of shoreline - about 100 yds. and zip. Couldn't even see too many fish on sonar in deep water

Fished shallow, deep, drops, humps and flats - CRAPPO! Water temperature was about the same 48-52 degrees as last weeks outing, but we had 3" of rain two days ago which may have done something, though I can't figure what. Even wonder if it could have been the lures I used (too large, too heavy?) or the cold front that moved in with 30 degrees last night and a cloudless sky today.

Probably not the time of year to give up on the lake. Just one of those lousy days I rarely experience on local waters. Better luck (hopefully) after Tues. torrential rain. - I hope.
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